Tweak Flinfo In Cydia

We saw this tweak in Cydia a few days ago. But when we installed it we kept getting springboard crashes. But after working with the dev as a tester it works fine now.
What this tweak does it lets you flick a icon and bring up a large amount of info about the app. So this tweak can be a big help to themers. No more going into ifile or appinfo and hunting down the app. All the info you need is right on the springboard.
We hope to see much more added to this tweak. It’s a great help to themers out there. The best part of this tweak it’s FREE! It’s nice to see a dev that wants to take their time to make life better for themers. So make sure if you love the tweak to go to the setting in the app. Located in your settings app. And donate to the developer.