We Could Use Your Help!

We here at dtathemes have found that our full time jobs have been keeping us very busy. So we would like to ask if anyone would like to write for us? We would be looking for maybe 2 people that would like to write for us. They would be able to just post on the website nothing else. All posts will have to be approved by the admin before they are posted. You will be able to post about anything you like as long as its tech related. As for payment right now we won’t be able to pay anything. So if you are looking to get your name out there and write some articles for a site please email us. Also we can post your YouTube videos on reviews, and your themes if you make them on our site if you would like.

The only thing we ask is no profanity or nudity in any way. We feel that both of those things will just look bad on our site.
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