Winterboard And IOS 7


So I have read on a few sites that they claim that Saurik has stated that one of the most downloaded applications in Cydia might not work on IOS 7. I have read the Reddit article and I feel all he is saying is that it will take a lot of work to make Winterboard work on IOS 7, and that it is just him working on it as of now. The more help and support that Saurik has from the community the better. He has always said that Winterboard is a community application. So we in the community need to help as much as we can. Saurik gives three points that will help when it comes down to fixing something not being themed in Winterboard.

“When you find that an image is not theming, what I need is:

1) A screenshot of iOS with an arrow pointing to the thing that is not theming,

2) The exact absolute path (not just a fragment of the filename, not just the name of the file without a path, but the entire thing so I can find the file on my iPhone) of the file on disk that you know you can change (bypassing WinterBoard) to affect the rendering of the image in the screenshot,

3) And the relative path in your theme that you are attempting to use to theme that file.”

This is something that all the themers can do me included. I really feel that some sites are making it out that Winterboard is dead. This won’t happen because too many people use Winterboard as well as theme for it. He goes on to somewhat call out other IOS developers.

“This is an area that, to be clear, I’m not actively expecting a theme artist to be able to help with. However, tons of developers could, but most developers seem to actively avoid working on things related to themes (for reasons I could get into, but I think many people can probably guess at after reading my various painful descriptions of what it has been like to work on WinterBoard over the years ;P).”

What do you all think? How would you feel with a life without Winterboard and being stuck with Apple’s new icon design? Let us know in the comments below.

By Zoolman88

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