You Can Now Install Cydia With Pangu App

Looks like the Pangu team has added the ability to install Cydia in their app today. This is a big move to a “public jailbreak”. Because right now the jailbreak is really only meant for developers but a lot of non developers have jailbroken their devices that why I said “public jailbreak”.
But over all it looks like a little over a week and the foundation for the jailbreak is getting more stable. Witch is great news for all the people that held off on the jailbreak.
The Pangu team has posted on their Twitter that they could be releasing a new version of the jailbreak tool Pangu 8 to the public that will install Cydia when you jailbreak your device. So no more manual installing of Cydia!
What do you think will you still wait to jailbreak your device, or will you get on the jailbreak bandwagon?