Apple Stops Signing iOS 8.1

Looks like Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.1. This is a sad day seeing the window for iOS 8.1 was open so long after iOS 8.1.1 dropped. I feel like we all where hoping to have another iOS 4.1 for the 3GS on our hands. But it looks like Apple felt that the window had been open long enough.
But for all of you that need to restore there is some good news. Semirestore has been updated to work with 8.1. And we have a new TaiG jailbreak for 8.1.1 to 8.2 beta.
From the looks of things, no matter what Apple decides to throw at the devs we could still see a jailbreak. And it looks like we will see more and more jailbreaks come from China. Seeing that the last 4 jailbreaks have been by China developers.
So with this window closing it looks like some more have opened for the jailbreak community.


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