TaiG Jailbreak For IOS 8.1.1 And IOS 8.2 Beta

Looks like over the night we had a jailbreak for ios 8.1.1 and ios 8.2 bet released. This tool is from the TaiG dev team. Most of you might remember the TaiG team from the first evasi0n jailbreak. They where the ones behind the third-party app store that came installed when you used the first release of the evasi0n jailbreak.

This jailbreak has been tested by some reliable sources and has been said to be working. Right now this is only a Windows jailbreak and if i was you i would wait to update your device. A few reasons are that right now most tweaks and apps have been updated to support ios 8.1 and we have no idea what ios 8.1.1 has in store for the already updated tweaks and apps. Another is we really don’t know much on the TaiG dev team and have been using the Pangu dev team tools for sometime now. So might want to hold off if you have a jailbreak and see if they update their tool. lastly 8.1 is still being signed by Apple so why be on a firmware that nothing has been tested on?

As for me i will stay on ios 8.1 for now and wait this one out. but if you are a user that has to have the newest firmware the link for the Windows version of the TaiG jailbreak can be found HERE or Tutorial can be found HERE


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