Apple TV 4! 

Well it’s been a bit since the event and we all have had some time to process all the things Apple threw at us in that massive event yesterday. 

Over all with the Apple TV I am impressed and disappointed at the same time. I am impressed that we now have a AppStore, and storage ability is back to the Apple TV. But the over all look of the Apple TV is just lacking. I can’t believe 1 it’s bigger and 2 it’s still that awful black. We can for sure say this time to rumors where wrong in the design of the Apple TV 4. 

The great thing about storage is that it should help in a jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 something that the Apple TV 3 has been lacking. And for the price I am happy with the $150 to $200 price tag for the 32gb and the 64gb storage. 

So will you be trading in that Apple TV 3 for the Apple TV 4? I know I will be. Let us know in the comments. 


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