CrashSafari Joke! Fun To Play On Friends! 

***Note*** all links in this post will crash your Safari!!! You have been warned. 
So today has been a fun day for the Jailbreak community! Today a site called crash safari was made public. What this site does is when the url is clicked on or opened in Safari it will crash your device and case a somewhat of a respring on the device. 

So me being the prankster I am I went to google and made a short link. and sent it to my friends asking them a question before the link. Most of them clicked it. How I know is shortly after I got a response saying. “Dang it” or “I hate you”. 

The best one was I sent it to a friend and he opened it on his Mac. It opened in his Safari crashing him MacBook! So enjoy it have some fun with it. And let’s hope this because so exploit for a jailbreak! 


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