Want To Stop Those Daily Update Requests On IOS! No Jailbreak Needed!

Most of you hate that daily popup to update to the newest firmware. I know that I do. Well to stop this all you need is 5 mins and a app from the AppStore.    

  1. Get iBlocker from AppStore 
  2. Open iBlocker. 
  3. Go to block urls and click the white arrow. 
  4. Click the + in the top right. 
  5. Now add this URL to the URL section http://mesu.apple.com 
  6. Name it update or anything you want. 
  7. Click save. 
  8. Now click the + again. 
  9. Add this URL to the URL section http://applednld.apple.com 
  10. Name it update 2 or anything you want. 
  11. Click save. 
  12. Now make sure all toggles you have made are on. And you will now have no daily update prompts from Apple!


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