Cydia Is Now PayPal Only!

It looks like yesterday the ability to use Amazon as a checkout method is now no longer in Cydia. We tweeted this today and had a few questions asked so we thought we would make a post on it to help inform users on what’s going on. 

This is nothing that Cydia/Saurik has done wrong. It’s just that Amazon closed its Flexible Payments options. There for forcing Saurik to remove Amazon payments from Cydia. Good news is users can still use PayPal to purchase things from Cydia. And All things bought via old Amazon payments will stay in your Cydia account. This is due to it being linked to your Cydia account and the fact you have paid for them already. You just won’t be able to buy new things using Amazon payment. 

So there is not much reason to panic. Just might make a few users change payment options and have to set up a PayPal account. 


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