New iPod lineup refresh imminent

Apple has dropped a nice parcel with the latest edition of iTunes, with the introduction of Apple Music & Beats 1, iTunes 12.2 made it’s first debut including a stylish new icon for both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Deep inside the screens of setting up a new iPod some users have reported new iPod colours, (Dark blue, pink and gold) which indeed suggests that updates are possibly coming to the iPod lineup; maybe as soon as July 15th when Apple will refresh their iPod marketing portfolio. If a new iPod touch update is coming, the current A8 chip could be used to bring the iPod touch back in to Apple’s up-to-date product family. From the images found inside iTunes, it appears that there will be no visual adjustment from three years ago, who know’s, Apple could surprise us all and completely redesign the iPod touch in to an iPhone 6 without cellular. Who know’s. It is Apple after all.
This makes sense since the launch of Apple Music, Apple will want to regain their strength and power in the music industry which they dominated a decade ago when Steve Jobs saved the company from bankruptcy.


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