Did You Know? PS4 Controller

Here at dtathemes we love tech stuff, and today we want to talk about some neat features for the Dualshock 4. First of all, its design is sleek and comfortable to hold, much more so than the PS3 controller. But did you know that the PS4 is not the only port that you can use this controller with?

The DS4 is a plug and play device, it’ll work well with the PS3 if you lost your Dualshock 3, the only caveats are that it has to be plugged in directly and some features like the touchpad will not work. You can also hook it up to your computer through a USB and use it to play your PC games, without the need to download additional software. Since it also has bluetooth, you can pair it with other devices such as tablets and cell phones to play your game emulators with.

While the price is a littleĀ moderateĀ ($59.99 new/$54.99 used; Gamestop), the functionality of the controller make it a better candidate that some plug and play controllers currently in the market. There is even a clip made by NyKo which holds your cell phone above the controller for easy gaming.

Would you buy one?



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