MyTor – Web Based Torrent Client

While we don’t condone piracy, we do like to keep our readers up to date with the latest tech news: there is a fairly new torrent service making rounds on the internet. MyTor is a website powered torrent client that claims to make the whole torrent download process easier, faster, and more reliable.

MyTor is a pay-as-you-go service, you pay for only what you need. If you run out, you can pay again and renew your capacity, or if you’re running low, simply refill and whatever you have left over will add¬†with the new capacity. Registering your account is fairly easy, just pick your username, email, and password. After verifying your account through sent email, you are greeted with a complimentary 500MB capacity, and 1 torrent slot.

MyTor comes in 4 different packages, starting at $.99 with 50 GB of transferring capacity up to $13.49 with 2000 GB. All packages come with 30 torrent slots, media streaming, and priority ticket support.

It looks like a promising service, but like with all torrenting and piracy, use your judgement and exercise caution.


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