Few Cydia Tool’s You Need! To Help Keep Your Jailbreak. 

So with iOS 9 release date being tomorrow and no current iOS that’s being signed is jailbreakable. It’s best to right now take a few minutes and make sure your jailbreak is protected. A few tools that you should have installed are. 

  1. OpenSSH- This lets you have the ability to SSH into your device via Remote Desktop. You will need to change your devices default ssh password. You can find how to do that here. This tool is used with the desktop tool SemiRestore. 
  2. Cydia Impactor-This is a new Cydia tool to come out by the maker of Cydia itself. What this does is restores your device right back to stock iOS. This is all done right from the device. All you need is 15 mins and a power cable. It’s best to have the device plugged in while doing this. 

So make sure your jailbreak is protected so we can settle in for the long haul while we wait on a jailbreak for iOS 9 to be released. 


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