Launcher App Is Back In The AppStore!

The app Launcher With Notification Center Widget is back in the AppStore. Most of you remember this app from a few months ago when it got pulled from the AppStore by Apple for miss using the Notification Center widget abilities. 

Now that this app is back in the store. I really wonder is there a need for it? Personally I feel that I really don’t use the Notification Center all to much. And spending $5 on the pro version just might be to steep for me. Given the app does a lot of cool things. I just fear that with its sudden return was there some features that Apple made the developers pull from the app?

The change log says nothing about the removing of features to fit Apples guide lines. I just wonder why the sudden change of heart from Apple. Could we see Apple starting to loosen the grip on devices? Most likely not. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Do you think the pro version is worth the $5 price tag? 


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