NVRAM Bricking Your Device.

Well it looks like in the last few days we have saw something call NVRAM sweep across the jailbreaking community. And most users don’t know what this is.
What NVRAM is its (non-volatile RAM that retains info when a device is powered down) variables that can kill a perfectly good device in a matter of seconds. This has been turned into tweak that will brick your iOS device permanently. So a simple restore won’t fix it. Seeing this is not something covered in the restore process in iTunes. And Apple don’t have to add it just because of a problem caused by Jailbreaking. The tweak was on a repo of the developer for a short time but was pulled due to the risk of someone installing it.
How can this happen to me you ask. It can happen if someone decided to upload it to their repo and you installed it. You most likely would get it from a untrusted repo that you don’t know.
How do we prevent this from bricking our device?
1: Don’t install pirated apps tweaks from untrusted repos

2: Uninstall OpenSSH and/or change your iPhone’s root password from alpine to something else more secure

This post is not to scare you. Just simply to warn you. Untrusted repos, pirated tweaks and apps are not something that you don’t need to be using right now. Just so people know the dtathemes repo is 100% safe. Everything uploaded on it has been tested on our personal devices.


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