Want multitasking on your iPad right now?

We all know how much effort Apple has put into their iPad software this year around, with more features tailored towards the business market to compete with tablets like the Surface Pro; but one hard working developer has created a brilliant tweak that is available right now on Cydia for $1.99 ($0.99 on sale as of 4/7/2015). Multi View allows you have up to three side by side browser windows so you can check, for example, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without changing tab. Of course, true side by side multi-tasking for the iPad isn’t here yet unless you want to upgrade to iOS 9 which isn’t advisable unless you are a developer. Nevertheless, you have somewhat of a feel for split screen multi-tasking with Multi View.

Cydia Description
Multi View – A Multi View Mobile Browser Application
Its like having 3 phone browser apps on one screen

View up to 3 browser windows simultaneously on 1 Screen. Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more all at one time. All windows are presented as the mobile site versions of those sites. Copy and paste text or images from one site into another. Use the multiple viewing modes to give you the customization you desire while checking out your favorite sites.


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