Bring Back The Classic IPod Feel On Your iOS Device With This App.

In the last few weeks we have seen a few releases of a app that give you the ability to play your music in a app that gives you the look and feel of a classic iPod. Apple also has prevented these apps from being in the AppStore due to the scrolling mechanism it uses. They say it’s to much like their scroll feature on their device. When this was stated to the developer that was trying to get this added to the AppStore he was baffled but was ok with their decision in the long run.

Now we have a app that’s been pushed to the public by ipawind a signing service. They have pushed this in hopes to boost sales for their service. But also gave out the ipa link here. This will let you download the ipa from Mega so you can upload it and sign it with any service you like. I tested it with Reprovision and it worked fine. The only problem I see with the app is it has the ipawind twitter setup and the information and updates link in the settings of the app. Now this isn’t a huge problem as most likely we won’t see a second release of this app anyway. Hope you all enjoy!