Delta Skin Generator Gets Massive UI Update!

As most of you know dtathemes created the site skins4delta this site hosts skins made by us and people on the skin discord group in the delta emulator discord. These skins are basically custom controller overlays for your game pad in the delta emulator. These skins require a bit of graphic design knowledge and some basic JSON editing.

We thought it would be faster and just easier for people without the skills to make a skin to have a site that will do all that for you. So we teamed up with a great developer SarahH12099 to bring this to you all. All you have to do is select the system you want a skin for. Then select the pre made overlay, and upload a image from your device. This will size and bundle the skin with your image in a delta skin file. You then will just need to open the skin in the delta emulator on your iOS device and apply it.

This isn’t meant to be a guide on how to install skins on the delta emulator. This is meant to tell you about the great new UI update that the generator has received in the last 24 hours. Now you can see what the overlay looks like before building the skin. And soo their will be a preview button that will show you what your image looks like with the overlay before you build it. We plan to add many more overlays and features to this generator in the future. This generator isn’t going to give you the full range of abilities as you would get if you made your own skin from scratch. What this generator is meant to do is hope to inspire you to want more from the emulator delta and it’s skin features. With doing this we hope to build the skin creating community and push the developer of delta to give us great content filled updates in the future.

I hope you all enjoy the generator and what we have planned in the future for it.