BundleIDsXll Updated To Support A12 Devices!

Some of you might have seen a post on my Twitter about the app BundlesIDsXL. Well looks like it’s got a proper update to support A12 devices. As well as a new Maintainer/Author. This is great news as this app is a huge help for themers. What this app does is gives you the bundleID of any app installed on the device. It also lets you email the entire list to yourself. This is great for most themers so they can just copy and paste the bundleID when exporting the icon they have made. This is also good if a app developer changes the bundleID of a app. It will let the themer get that bundleID faster without having to use Filza or look it up in the apps plist.

It’s nice to see apps like this get updated even if it’s by a new person. Just shows the community will keep on keeping on.