Dr.Mario World Crashing On Jailbroken Devices! Do This To Fix!

So like most of you I went to play Dr.Mario World only to find that it crashes after being in the game close to 1 min or so. This looks to mean that it has Jailbreak detection inside the app. This causes the app to crash when it does a certain check.

Now the best part is there is a easy fix for this. You will need to be Jailbroken of course. Go to Cydia or Sileo and add the Repo https://ryleyangus.com/repo/ to your source list. You will then need to install the tweak Liberty Lite. If on a A12 device you will need Liberty Lite Beta. I believe this also applies if on iOS 12.

Once you have the version of liberty lite you need installed go to your settings app and find the Liberty Lite preference tab. Just go into it and then to block jailbreak detection. You will need to find Dr.Mario World in the list and check it off. It’s best to kill the application in multitasking to make sure that the block Jailbreak detection is working.

Now you should be able to play Dr.Mario World. Now this works with the current 1.0.1 version. Not sure if Nintendo will push a update to patch this but let’s hope they don’t. So enjoy this fix while it lasts.