Charity Theme Help Needed

So I have been looking for a project to take up some free time I have. To be honest with the amount of free time I have right now I find myself feeling bored. So I have started a icon pack that I was going to giveaway on the repo for free. This snowballed into a idea that we need a community wide project. So I thought why not do a community wide theme. To be honest the theme doesn’t have to be centered around the same idea just that we want to give our time and the funds from the sales to a charity of some sort. I haven’t picked a specific charity or know of a repo that will do this yet. I am open to ideas at this point. I have reached out to Packixrepo and Twickdrepo to see if they are capable of doing this in some manner. I don’t want anyone making the theme to be responsible for the donation is why I was hoping the repo could do it.

To help with the theme just let me know that you want to help. I would like to have something ready by the end of the month for the repo to host. So if you want to do some icons, docks, wallpapers, Or anything please let me know on Twitter. Or if you are a repo manager and have a way to do the donation please let me know that as well.