dtathemes Site And Repo.

So after some long thought I have decided that I will be redoing the site from the ground up. So it most likely will be down for a few days when I start that process. I am looking to do a complete start over on the site as well as the theme of the site. Now for the repo, I know a lot of you was mad about me removing it due to the errors it gave off in Cydia. So I have decided that I will bring it back as well. I will only host themes and apps that wont cause any problems for me apps like emulators. I know this isn’t what you all want to hear, and that most wont add the repo anymore. I am fine with this it’s just that I don’t want to have to wait for some other repo to approve my work and have to worry about downtime that repo might have.

Another reason for this is that I have to pay for hosting for Skins4delta and if dtathemes isn’t able to help pay for that with ads then this comes out of my pocket. The hosting is only $20 a month for the sites and the server for the skin generator. but I still would rather ads pay for it or some sort of donations then come out of my own pocket. So at this point I will be looking to bring the repo back up soon. Most likely its back up when you are reading this. Now the content on the repo is just my themes and a few emulators so if you don’t want to add it that is fine. I know I have been flaky this last bit with the iOS community when it comes to themes and all that. I personally lost the passion for most of my projects close to a year ago. I now think I am in a place that I want to theme again. I just don’t want to host my work on another repo and deal with them when all my content is free.

I will also be posting about retro handheld fixes on dtathemes as well. This is because I personally love working on them in my spare time. That could have also been a reason why I lost the passion for dtathemes is because I was worried that if I post some retro handheld stuff that people wouldn’t want to read it. Now I feel that I need to do what makes me happy and hope you all enjoy the posts to. I will be looking for help with posts if anyone would like to do that please let me know via Twitter.