Chimera Jailbreak Released For All devices, iOS 12 — 12.1.2!

Looks like the Electra Team has been hard at work with the Chimera jailbreak. Not sure where the name came from but it does work on all devices, iOS 12 – 12.1.2. I have currently jailbroken my device with it and it looks to run fine. I have noticed a bit of lag in the device. I also have had a freeze and device reboot. So let’s hope with time it will become more stable. I also only have Anemone and a theme installed. So that could be the issue.

It’s nice to see that jailbreaking is still moving even if it’s with Sileo and no Cydia at this moment. Jailbreak can be found at the link below I will try to get it added to Signulous and iparhino shortly.