I have sold signulous!

I wanted to make a public post on this so users know that I am no longer a part of Signulous. I have fully left the company and there is a new person heading everything. This has been something that has been done for quite some time and shouldn’t change anything with existing customers.

I won’t be doing ipa updates, support tickets, anything for signulous anymore. The reason for this is mainly due to revokes. When a revoke would happen it was basically just myself dealing with 1000’s of support tickets, tweets, and emails. It was just to much for me, and I simply just didn’t want to do it anymore. So instead of just shutting it down I found someone to take it over. I personally had wanted to leave the codesigning community for sometime and the stress is why. So I just wanted to update the community on what was going on with Signulous. I will still keep the Cydia repo, dtathemes and other sites I own open for those that are wondering. I just didn’t want the stress of revokes in my life anymore. It was time to move on.