Delta On Jailbroken Devices!

With the release of delta to the public I have added it to the Repo. Now this isn’t a 100% bug free app. I personally have had some problems I have made the developer aware of the issues. I don’t think Jailbroken devices was in mind when the app was created. But the app does work on a Jailbroken device when installed from a deb.

A few problems I had was adding ROMs now this works fine when using the open in feature on iOS. A example would be downloading a ROM in Safari and using the open in feature to open the ROM in delta. Now the thing is delta if installed from a deb can’t just open in delta a ROM with the .nes or .snes or so on extension. The file needs to be just a zip of the ROM itself. Now this means if you have say super Mario bros 3.nes you will need to save that file in Filza and then click edit, select your file, more in bottom right, then create zip. This will make a zip of just the ROM. Now then click edit, select the ROM zip you just made, open in and select delta. This will get delta to open the ROM unzip it and add it to your library.

Now this could be just a bug with Jailbroken devices and this work around looks to be working for me. Let me know if it works for you.