Power Your Gameboy Pocket And Color Via USB!

I was doing some reading and found this cable that will allow you to power your Gameboy Pocket or Color from a USB port. Now this sounds very cool in theory but it’s not what you would expect in 2019.

This cable can be found on J.Rodrigo’s tendie page if you want it for yourself. It does have some drawbacks as it just runs the device off the usb power source and doesn’t charge the batteries of the device. Now this is due to the limitations of the gameboy not the limitation of the cable. Over all this could be a great way to conserve battery on a long car ride. This cable also requires zero modifications to the gameboy to use.

So let’s talk about price. The cable is $13 with about $4 shipping to the US. Now over all that’s not to bad. For a user that loves their gameboy and wants to run it off usb this is a great choice to have. Personally I have a full color backlight lcd installed In my Gameboy Color and this zero mod method could be great for those expensive gameboy you don’t want to hack up their shell to install a rechargeable battery.