DOOM Port In Nintendo E-Shop! Reason To Not Purchase Just Yet!

It looks like after a year of DOOM being on the Nintendo Switch in the Homebrew community we now have a port by Bethesda in the Nintendo E-Shop. This port is just $4.99 personally that’s a great price for a SNES game port. Let’s hope that price stays consistent with others we might see released.

Now the reason to not buy this game just yet is to vote with your wallet. We need to show Bethesda that adding DRM to a 16 year old game is just stupid. Also DRM on a Switch game that can only be downloaded is about pointless. The switch is meant to be a mobile device. So you won’t always have internet to do the DRM check. This means that you can’t play the game if your device doesn’t have internet. This also means that in say 10 years of Bethesda closes servers down we won’t be able to play their port of DOOM on the Nintendo Switch. This is something that needs to be a weekly/monthly check at most or only a check when applying a update for the game.

What do you think? Did Bethesda mess up a port that the Homebrew community got right a year ago?