Want To Play Dragonball Kart 64?

Most of you know about how I am into Retro gaming. I have started to look around for ROM hacks to see what’s out there. Most of these ROM hacks are very old but some are still being developed for today.

I was doing some googling and found a very cool ROM hack called Dragonball Kart 64. Now this was developed by ImmaVegeta and can be found originally here. I used the beta 8 version of Delta that you can install from most free signing services and paid ones now. The ipa is also on iparhino so you can sideload with Cydia Impactor if you want to do it that way. If you just want the ROM file I will host it from my Dropbox here. This is because when you get the file from the wiki it has a .exe that I believe is a emulator. Personally I didn’t use it so not sure on if it’s safe. So thought I would just host the ROM file for you all. Hope you enjoy!