Gray Icons After Sideloading App From A Signing Service.

So I have saw a few users from all the signing service have this problem. Looks like after the certificate is revoked by Apple there is a cache problem with some users devices. This is causing after the app that has the new certificate is installed showing just a gray icon and crashing when trying to open the app. Just so users know the certificate is fine at this point because if it wasn’t the app wouldn’t install on the device. So this leads me to think it was a cache problem on the device and that the cache needed to be cleared.

So if you have this problem no matter what signing service you are using can use the below method and it should fix it.

  1. Delete the gray icon.
  2. Go to safari and then delete your history.
  3. Then go to settings>safari select clear history and website data.
  1. Then try to reinstall the app from your signing service.
  • I have tested this with Signulous and it worked fine. Also remember revokes are a way of life now. Sadly we just have to live with this and at the time of revokes help desk and signing services get slammed. So Work with them and be patient and they will get you sorted out. Most sites have a tool that will auto replace your membership/certificate. If they don’t have this by now then they surely need to build one.
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