Rootless Jailbreak Yes Or No?

In the last week we have seen the ios Jailbreak community start to pop in a good way. Well more like a good direction. In the last week a Jailbreak coined RootLessJB has hit the community by surprise. Now from what i understand is this isn’t for a lower level user, and doesn’t have any package managers with it at this time. So if you are not use to SSH I would avoid this Jailbreak and wait for a more user friendly Jailbreak or this one to be updated.

Now I not speaking bad about this RootLessJB in any way its surly a step in the right direction. but its not for users that depend on a package manager. Also with the supported ios 12 signing window closed if you do by some chance mess your device up you could loose any future chance of a more user friendly Jailbreak. Now over all the choice is yours and most people just can’t wait. I do understand that as its been some time since I had a Jailbreak myself. But just give it a few more weeks to let this Jailbreak move out of developer mode or a user friendly Jailbreak to be released.

I was reading on Jakajames github on this Jailbreak and found this cool PDF that explains a lot on where the ios community kinda stands with exploits and how a RootLessJB is kinda done. You can find that HERE!  He also states on the GitHub found HERE! about the RootLessJB.

  • No tweaks and code injection yet
  • No amfid patch yet. Must run “inject /path/to/binary” before adding a new binary
  • No jailbreakd yet
  • No remount (heh?)

Now this could have all changed by the time I post this. Will you be waiting or you going to try the RootLessJB?