How To Theme Your Device With Electra Jailbreak!

Well last night the developer CoolStar released a tool called Electra. Now this is kinda like a jailbreak and kinda not. I have added Electra to Signulous and IpaRhino for anyone that needs it. Or you can get it from CoolStars site. For most normal users if they run this tool they will wonder where Cydia is. Electra doesn’t install Cydia at all. It installs Anemone to the device. Most of you know Anemone as the theming platform that replaced Winterboard. Well this is the same app that did just that.

Now Electra also does some under the hood stuff that most users don’t want to know about. Personally themes are what I want from Cydia. Now that I have that ability I am happy. How do you add themes without Cydia you ask? Well that’s the harder part Electra enabled SSH on the device after its ran. So you will need to SSH into the device and manually add the .theme folder to System/Library/Themes folder. After doing that Anemone will see them. I had a few problems with Anemone applying the themes. I had to reboot the device manually and rerun the Electra tool with Tweaks off then reapply the theme in Anemone.

I hope that we see a faster way to add themes. Maybe CoolStar will add a repo system of some sort to Anemone and make it a one stop shop for themes. We can only hope.