Block Revokes On Your IOS device!

Now this is more of a permanent blocking and can stop you from being to OTA update your iOS device. Personally it’s a small trade off to not have revokes on your apps. Now this should work with enterprise and developer certs. I have made sure that this is on signulous and is on iparhino for sites that haven’t added it.

To use this method if your a signulous customer it’s as easy as going into the library and search for Torngat. Now sign the application and install it. What this does is used the Async_wake exploit to give this app read write privileges. Inside the app you will see some crazy things. Now you want to use the Block revokes option. You will see the word block and the bottom. Now what this has done is added a line to your host file that blocks Apple revoke server.

Now remember this hasn’t been tested as it’s still a new method and could not work. But it’s always good to have stuff like this installed in preparation for revokes. As a sweet extra you have change icon mask. This lets you change your icon shape from square to circle or a few others.