Login Tweak Review! “Not A Fan”

So they hype on the tweak Login had me somewhat interested in this tweak. Now remember this is just my personal opinion. The tweak over all is a great looking tweak. And has some strong features. I like how you can customize the image on the lockscreen. As well as how it gives your device the Mac look. Now for the negative when you unlock your device you still see the slide to unlock for a brief  second.  Now for some this is not a big deal. But for me personally I find it a major flaw in this tweak. 

I hope that they can fix the default lockscreen showing when you unlock the device. This tweak could very much become a staple tweak in my opinion if that was fixed. Now the price for this tweak is $1.99. I wish there was a trial that you could use to see if this tweak is for you. I know this review sounds a bit negative but it’s really not. Just saying this tweak has a bit more to work on in my personal opinion. 

Let me know what you think. Was it for you or do you agree?