UnitedWeStand Theme Is Live On Our Repo!

So we have pushed the fist installment of the theme UnitedWeStand to the repo. It still needs a lot of work to be complete. We know this and hope you will help us by sending us the bundle IDs of the apps that you have. We will try to get them themed in a future update. 

This theme is completely free. We are only taking donations and they go to the developer of the theme not dtathemes.com. There is a preference bundle that is installed with the theme so you can send us bundle IDs and donate if you feel the need. For bundle IDs you will need to get the app Bundle IDs from Cydia and copy and paste the IDs in a email. 

Goal for this theme is to have a weekly or every other week update. Pushing new icons and newly themed parts of the theme. For this theme you will need Anemone that’s what is used for testing and it will work best with that. It does work with Winterboard but you might need to install some tweaks like IconBundles from Cydia. To theme the folders you will need Classicfolders from Cydia and set it to modern mode. Not sure if Winterboard is updated with these features yet. Again we hope you all enjoy the theme!