Twitter Drops App Update With New UI! My Personal Twitter App Challenge!

So looks like sometime yesterday Twitter pushed a app update version 7.0 to include a whole new look. This to be honest is something that’s way over due in my personal opinion. I have been for a long time a user of the app Tweetbot. Personally I feel it’s almost what the stock Twitter app should be. But it does have a few short comings that only the stock Twitter app can answer. One is keeping old messages. In my line of business I talk with some sites only when updates are pushed, or we get a reply days or maybe weeks later when they are ready to push a fix for a bug. So it’s nice to have that old message. Tweetbot lacks that ability for some reason. 

So in my personal opinion this new remodel is very close to useable for me. It almost pushes me to just use the stock Twitter app for a while and see if it make a difference in use ability. I would like see if I feel like I am loosing or gaining ability. So for the next week I will be just using the stock Twitter app to see if it has finally taken back what it once lost on my device’s as lead Twitter app. I will try to keep you all updated on this and my feeling maybe mid week.