How To Login To Snapchat++ From Signulous!

So in the last few days we have saw Snapchat really crack down on Snapchat++. About two days ago we saw Snapchat++ stop working and yesterday we saw Snapchat SCOthman stop working. Basically every time you would login it would give you a connection error. This method is based on D7’s YouTube video. He was using a enterprise signed version but failed to mention that this does work on signing services. The steps you need to follow are below. 

  1. Delete any version of Snapchat you have on your device. 
  2. Go to the AppStore and search Snapchat and install the newest version. 
  3. You will need to login and accept all notifications that popup. And allow camera access. Note this doesn’t mean Notifications will work. 
  4. Now that your into Snapchat and have the ability to post a snap go back to your home screen and delete Snapchat. This is because you can’t have the AppStore version and ++ version installed on the same device. Make sure you don’t logout of Snapchat. 
  5. Go into Signulous and sign the version of Snapchat you want. I signed Snapchat++ to test this method. But Snapchat SCOthman should work the same. 
  6. After you have signed and installed Snapchat++ you can now login like normal and it will work like before. Now if you get a connection error you most likely will have to repeat this method. And this currently works at the time of this post and could stop working at anytime.