Are we paying for just the brand?

In the last few weeks we have seen some decent changes in the iOS community. With the lack of a jailbreak out for a current version of iOS being signed I feel we might loose more and more iOS users. Or let’s say more eyes are becoming open to the fact that jailbreaking might just be what pushes Apple sales on iOS devices. Now I know that’s a bold statement to make but personally I am struggling with owning a newer iOS device without a jailbreak. I have been thinking about a few things in the last day or so. Like how long has it been since I have been in the AppStore on my personal iOS device? Is upgrading to a newer iOS device worth it? Am I just wanting the new device because it’s new? These questions have been something I am thinking about in the last little bit.

Personally I own websites that benefit from a Jailbreak and ones that benefit if we don’t have a jailbreak. So this is not a money driven thought. As all the sites don’t make a abundant amount of money. I mean I still have a 7-3:30 job. I think these thoughts are about being free! Is my device that I paid for with my money free? Am I able to change what I want about it at any time? Currently no! With the lack of a jailbreak the stock iOS is personally boring. I have been a iOS user for close to 10 years and have a jailbreak the whole time. The last year of my iOS experience has been without a jailbreak, and I have found myself wanting a different device.

I know you all are like well your not a true Apple fan boy. Well yes that would be close to true. I am more of a fan of changing my device as I feel. Currently with iOS you can’t do that. I also haven’t be into the AppStore on my device in months. The apps that I do have have been on my iOS device since I bought it and are set to auto update. Last time I went into it I felt that most of the games on the AppStore are just bloatware.

Now given this is all personal thoughts and could be different for you as a user. But personally I am starting to feel like I just buy Apple out of repetition. That maybe iOS isn’t as fun without a Jailbreak.