Great News About Signulous!

Well I wanted to take this time and update you all about my thoughts and direction of Signulous. I have finally reached a great financial spot for Signulous. This meaning that I have finally got a revoke savings setup. What this means is that I can lower the price of a iOS membership to a price I feel is safe to be at right now. This will have no affects on iReplacements or revoke warranties that are already in place. This is because we have money already saved up to cover if we have revokes.

I am happy that I have finally reached this state and that I can lower the price. The price has already been lowered on the site. So any membership bought after this post will be $15.99. Now I hope to keep the membership set to this price. But if we do have revokes and I feel we need to go back up in price we might have to. But for now this is the price we will be at. I hope you all enjoy the service.