Custom Ringtones Using Catalina….

Has anyone had trouble syncing custom ringtones on Catalina Beta…?  I have tried so many times to sync my ringtones. Nothing seemed to work.  With apple changing iTunes sync method to Finder, things are looking too complicated.  Keep in mind once you upgrade to Catalina, some things can not be downgraded.  Photo library will not downgrade.  I found a method that seems to work like the old method in iTunes.  Open up old iTunes and click on your device.  Do not use finder.  Highlight all the ringtones you want on that device and drag and drop them into the audio field.  Re-sync device and the custom ringtones should show up.  What a nightmare though, Catalina beta has no real instructions.  With so many things upgraded and different, you would think apple would make a guide.  I can say this was super frustrating for me.  I hope this helps you out….