How To Play Flappy Bird On A iOS Emulator!

As most of you know I am a huge retro gamer and love anyway I can include that in the iOS lifestyle. I was doing some googling today and stumbled across a .gb file of Flappy Bird. Now this is a fan made project made by a developer called CrazyNinjaMofo. Now I didn’t make this file but have tested it on my iPhone Max in delta and it works just fine. I also have tested it on the Gameboy Color and Gameboy DMG with a flash Cartridge. You can see the original video here.

You can download the .gb file from my personal Dropbox from here. Just download the file in Safari and use the iOS open in feature to open it in the emulator of your choice. I used Delta and it worked fine for me. Now the game is way harder then the iOS version but I kinda like the challenge. Hope you all enjoy!