Signing Service Certificates Revoked On Friday’s! What Does This Mean For You This Weekend?

When Apple revokes certificates it means that your apps will start crashing on your device. Now most of us already know this at this point in the game. But developer certificate revokes rarely happen on a Friday. It also looks like the revoke was late in the day. Now I don’t know the numbers of certificates revoked on what service, but I do see the complaints on Twitter for each service. So it does look like this was a revoke that affected every signing service.

Now wha does this mean for you as a end user? Expect slow replacements. Apple doesn’t tend to approve develop accounts on the weekends. So if the services supplier is out and they have to repurchase accounts from Apple this could take till Monday to get approved. Services could also have accounts ready for the replacements but most of the time have no idea the number of the revokes till it’s happened.

So remember be patient with your service and keep in contact with them by using their preferred way of support most have a help desk by now. Most also have a automatic replacement tool as well. So keep calm and it will all get worked out. Also remember if you are in a pinch you can download a app from the free services or use Cydia impactor just to get you going until replacements are issued.