Reprovision Now Has EOL “End Of Life” Message Displayed!

So in the last few months the on going battle between developers and Apple has been going strong. Apple has been changing the login process so much that is has been breaking tools codesigners use to sign apps. This has even affected codesigning services as well. This is because most bigger services use a auto registration tool to login to the developer account and put the Udid and a name in the developer account to register your device. They then pull new profiles to their server to sign apps.

Well in the last 24 hours the free codesigning community was hit hard. The developer or Reprovision Matt Clarke has decided to call it quits. Stating the below.

This is due to a few reasons, but mainly that I foresee this to be a constant battle against Apple that I do not have any motivation to fight.

The code for ReProvision remains public, and as noted I’m happy to accept pull requests, which I’ll ensure are posted as updates.

Now this is a heavy hit as no other working app lets you use free certificates from Apple to sign apps right on the device. Now I am sure that if a fix is found and is pushed to him that we would see a update for Reprovision. But from what I take from his message is that he’s done spending his time on the project. And that’s to be understood as it’s a lot of time to keep up with a project like this when it comes to battling Apple. As well as this is most likely free time put into this with no profit from the project. Not saying that’s a main reason but that surely could be a factor. It would be in my mind.

But no matter what the codesigning community is thankful to Matt for the time he has spent on the project. And hope someone else’s picks it up. Remember don’t come at Matt with hateful words as he has done a lot for the community and we should respect his decision to move on.